Carol wanted a website presence but didn't want to outlay a large amount of money for the site. I designed a Weebly website, which is free. She only paid for my time and we kept the design simple to keep the cost down. She wrote all the content herself and I simply placed it and the images in place. We had a lovely afternoon together taking photos of her quilts.

ADMINISTRATION - I keep the billing and insurance claims in order for ClearPath Healing Arts, this keeps the cash flow happening for this group and leaves the Psychologists free to work with people rather than locked behind a desk getting paperwork sorted out. I have also streamlined the office area and updated their filing system.

EVENT PLANNING - Andrew runs training events, I design the brochures, send out the promotional emails, manage the registrations and contacts and even help to serve the coffee.

WEBSITE - I designed the ClearPath new websites and keep them updated and maintained.

Luke and Jane Leszyk bought an existing business with an old and rarely used website. Jane asked me to create a new website that was inviting, informative and would help them with bookings, even when they weren't home to manage contacts. I added many photos with information on each cabin and included a google calendar to help them manage availability. When that was finished I designed a matching logo, business card and rack card for them to print. They wanted a logo that captured the lake theme and gave me a photo Luke took of the True Love mast; True Love also appears on the main image on the website as well. It was a fun project and they are a lovely couple to work with.

WEBSITE - Dan's Design Landscape Construction, LLC planned a name change from Dan's Lawn Service LLC in Waterloo aimed at stepping up their business growth and they brought me in to give their website a total makeover. We've started a new one, which was published in July, 2015

BUSINESS STATIONARY - I also redesigned their Logo and Business cards and design the Rack card used to promote the services in their local region. Dan & Cindy like to be involved in the design process, we exchange drafts till it is just the way they want.

A new client is Helene Chaika Fausold. I am building a new website for her and also getting her set up on MailChimp and designing a suite of brochures to fit the seminars she presents. I do just a few hours a week for Helene, leaving her time to build her plans as she grows. As of August 2017, I am now formatting her new book, preparing for publication on Amazon in Kindle format.

My Office Works

So Your Business RUNS...


NEWSLETTERS - The Knights of Columbus asked my to do their newsletter for them, which included 3 pages of sponsors' adds. This was a challenge to fit everything in and still remain attractive and engaging. I produce their newsletter for them monthly and now manage the Sponsorship advertising and collection for them too.

I've just signed a contract with St Agnes home to produce their E-Newsletter each month, taken from the print version they hand deliver to their residents. I'll also be helping them manage their mail lists and other features on Constant Contact. I'm excited to be working with the very worthy group.

My Office Worked

            SO YOUR BUSINESS RAN...

After building up this business for a number of years, and enjoying the work and you, my clients - I have accepted a fulltime position elsewhere and am no longer conducting this business.

Rosemary's Office Works

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL- Sue, from O'Susannah's Quilts & Gifts store has me prepare flyers and magazine ads for her, and I design a monthly Shop Calendar and quarterly  newsletter as well.

MARKET ADMINISTRATION - I meet with Sue weekly and we plan the work, managing deadlines for ads and events, and working on new ideas for promoting the shop. For Sue timeliness is important, getting a nice job done and back to her right when she needs it, in a short time frame.

FORMATTING/DESIGNING - I regularly make different items for Sue, from patterns for the shop, or reference cards to give to customers, labels, business cards anything she needs.

Update: Sue has closed her shop and now has just the Upstairs Inn and also her new venture, Tours and retreats. Sue wanted two separate websites as the two business are quite different; I have designed both websites for her.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL - For Sue and Joe of Selah Yoga & Music, I helped them in the early stages of forming their business here in the Finger Lakes. Together we worked on their business stationary.

WEBSITE - I set up a website from a Godaddy template and design the basic layout and information. I spent some time showing Sue what I did. Now Sue manages it all on her own. Once the website was finished, and with some support here and there, she has control over updating and maintaining the site, keeping it looking just the way she wants. -Update- I recently did an extensive 'facelift' and we totally changed the look.

Mirjana Dorozan is a Forensic Psychologist who is branching into the field of Therapeutic Yoga for healing past trauma events. Mirjana came to me to help her with designing flyers and business stationary. She had a beautiful painting that she wanted as her logo so I added some text to that and am working with her in planning the strategy for getting the word out about her work using print, digital and personal appearances and meetings.

I have a few clients now that I do work for each week, up to 8 hours each month, Mirjana and Helene. This keeps within their budget and with planning I work through their to do list and keep building their marketing material, newsletters, flyers, stationary and even website content for them.

Barb Merrill loved her old website but the maintenance and updating was just to hard. So I upgraded her to newer template and replicated her old site adding in some new images and pages where needed. The site looks the same but functionality is much improved. 

Schuyler County Historical Society asked me to make their new website easier for them to maintain and update. I chose elements to keep a more vintage look and feel to the website and to maintain the Logo colors through out the site. I also added the Book Store page for them so they can now sell their books online.

Karen, at Kurtz Enterprize, needed a website to showcase the products they have in the showroom and to provide lots of links to other websites. I designed this site to be a portal to information, videos, brochures and more. They are happy to have a page that provides so much information for the customers.

FORMATTING/DESIGNING - Margaret, from Miss Marker Quilts, is a new client and she is designing her own quilt patterns. I am 'prettying' them up for her. I love doing these projects, it's  like quilting in digital...

Each client I work with has unique needs and wants. I develop a sense of their needs as we work and always do my best to fit their wants into everything we do. If you want something, but can't get it done, or don't quite have time or knowledge on the how, call me and together we can see what works for you.​​